On November 12, I donated a copy of Washington’s Shadow to the Williamsburg Regional Library. My book will be included in the library’s Local Authors Collection.

This was the fifth book I’ve donated to the library.  When I look back at the local newspaper clippings of my previous donations, I can see my aging process.  Every two years I get a little grayer, but the pose is the same. I’m smiling and the book cover is featured in all of them. Finishing and giving away my books must make me happy.

This year I especially appreciated the photo, as I’ve spent the last year being treated for an aggressive case of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).  The treatments sickened and tired me, but I’m still here. I feel lucky to have finished Washington’s Shadow, which may be my last novel.  If I write another historical book, it likely will be about me.  At my age, near eighty, I think I qualify as historical, though I do have a website which makes me modern (www.bmclennan.com).

Apparently, I’m now qualified to enter a class action lawsuit against manufacturers of the weedkiller Roundup. I don’t want to think about that now, but this experience may find its way into my next book.

Whether you got it out of the library or not, if you enjoy Washington’s Shadow, please tell other people.  Better yet, be historical– write a review and send it to Amazon.