Spring has come to Virginia. We already see and hear the birds, and flowers are on the way. The state still is closed down and we venture out only for groceries, about once a week.

But the weather has changed and we have much more daylight.  We live in a house on a marina. The marina was under construction for about a year and is now complete.  Very few boats are moving in and out. We are quite vigilant when we are outside on our porch. We especially notice and appreciate the birds.

The Birds

We see and hear the birds and they are bright and loud.  Birdwatchers in my neighborhood have counted over eighty varieties of birds . I really don’t know much about them, but last year one of our bluebirds occupied one of our birdhouses and this year they are back.

They are amazing neighbors.  They sing to us almost constantly, and they chirp to us. And they aren’t the only chirpers or tweeters (I think the bluebirds actually tweet).

Every time we go out on the porch and say something, we are greeted by loud songs from some little bird. I’ve never seen the loud chirper. The song is two notes repeated four or five times, but in a rhythm that sounds very much like conversation. We’ve gotten used to whistling back or talking to the bird.  In the evening we say good night.  It reminds me of having a two year old, a small living thing that talks all the time.

Colorful Birds

While I’ve never seen our talking companion, I’ve taken to using my camera outside, and I’d like to share some of what I’ve seen.  For example,  I’ve gotten a shot of what I think is a young eagle, perched on a pole near my house.  He’s quite young, but has those white head feathers and an imperial beak. I’ve also taken numerous shots of goldfinches and cardinals:


Its spring, so I imagine that the birds I see are all young.  They chirp loudly and seem very happy. Our eagle looked lost, not sure of what to do now that he was atop a tall pole. He stayed there for quite a while. I’m sure he can fly, but maybe he has no nest to go back to.  Eagles fly very high and coast like kites in the air. This one is bigger than a baby, but not fully grown. He’s like a teenager sent out into the world, not sure of what’s next.

I also took a picture of a woodpecker.  He is a close neighbor and comes frequently.  He uses the same feeder as the goldfinches and chickadees and we’ve seen all of them this winter. They’ve made the quarantine a little easier to tolerate.


Now all the birds are singing out loud. I’m sure there already are nests full of baby birds. Our blue bird has also come to visit and he squawks (tweets) as loud as ever when music is playing.





In addition to birds, we’ve had to confront the spring flower situation. This year I hope we’ll get some annual flowers.  I usually plant some pots of petunias and geraniums.  I also usually have a few tomato plants in pots. For the moment I am content with the plants that carried over from last year. Maybe the state will open up a bit and I’ll get something new for the year.

We’ve had a very wet spring and seem to get rain every other day, but the weather has turned warmer with temperatures mostly in the 50s. I haven’t fed or watered anything.  We still have three pots of flowers with green leaves from last fall.  About five mums came back again, as have three miniature roses. One mum is five years old already.

We’re looking forward to seeing the flowers again. In two to three weeks the daffodils will open up. I’m also looking forward to our irises, though we moved them around and I don’t know which color is where.

I have no sense of whether the virus is under control, but at least I’ve had my first vaccination. I’m like the flowers, waiting my turn to finish the job.


Coronavirus and Jokes

I’m sure we will survive this pandemic and remember the lockdown as a little overkill. But like the flowers returning from last year (or never leaving), old jokes are also making a comeback.  Here are some I received last week:


“A dentist and a manicurist married.  They fought tooth and nail.

No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationary.

If you don’t pay your exorcist, you can get repossessed.”


I hope all are staying safe and healthy.