I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. For me, in the health department, the past year has been a challenge.

In July 2018 I began a series of treatments for an aggressive case of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The regime of six treatments took me to November 2018. Since then, I’ve undergone PET scans every six months to see if the doctors have really killed the disease.  Two weeks ago I  had the second post-treatment scan, and doctors were pleased with the results. They said I was healthy. The scan showed no lymphoma.

The year was hard for  me. While I suppose I was healthy, I was tired and had to cut back on golf and tennis. On the other hand, I continued to write. We took a short holiday in Florida in February, but I finished my latest historical novel, Washington’s Shadow. I also went to Denver where I received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from American Sentinel University, in recognition of my writing.


Now I begin the new year with optimism, still tired but feeling healthier.  I’ve started going to the gym every week. I am ready for something new- a new book?- or a little more golf and tennis? It feels good to look forward without anxiety.

Thanks to all for kind wishes.